Three Great Christian Symbols To Decorate Your Home

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Three Great Christian Symbols To Decorate Your Home

24 August 2015
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As a believer in the teachings of Christ, it takes frequent reminders and understanding to fully embrace the walk of the religion. If you want to help yourself in this regard, while also finding some beautiful decorations for your home, you can purchase some religious goods and artwork that will adorn your walls. Consider the information below, so that you can understand some of the best ways to decorate your home with Christian based art and ornaments to do the job. 

The Wall Crucifix: A Reminder Of Christ's Death And Resurrection

The wall crucifix is one of the most common religious monuments that Christians place in their home. It serves as a symbol that is foundational to the entire faith. It represents the crucifixion of Christ and his resurrection that people who observe the Christian faith adhere to. Because of this, it is an excellent monument to place in your home, a reminder of your faith and a conversation starter once you have guests throughout your home. There are a number of wall crucifixes that you can purchase, including standalone crosses and crucifixes with a Christ ornament attached.

The Fish: Symbolic Of Christ's Grace

The fish is also a very common symbol amongst the Christian faith. Its origin dates back to Clement of Alexandria and its use was once as popular as the cross is now. The symbol takes on a lot of meanings in the Christian faith, including the parable of Jesus feeding many with fish, the call for followers to become fishers of men and symbolism of water baptism. In purchasing religious symbols for your home, the fish is an ever popular decoration to keep in mind in terms of declaration and the expression of your faith.

The Alpha And Omega: Expressions of God's Eternity

To utilize a religious symbol that is a bit out of the box, you can look no further than the Greek alphabet. In the King James Bible, God is often referred to as the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and end. For this reason, simply adding the Alpha and Omega Greek letters to your wall serves as a constant reminder of God's power and place in your life. These letters, when combined, can be stylized in a way to match any room in your home, while also symbolizing the eternal power of Christ.

Consider these three symbols as you shop for religious goods to decorate your home.